Reiben mit Hochleistungsreibahlen - CNC Kurs & Ausbildung

Module 10 - CNC course & training

Reaming with high-performance reamers

This training starts with the basics and terms of reaming and how a reamer works. We then show designs, chamfer shapes and the systems currently in use for optimal internal cooling of the reamers for the respective application. Reamers with face cut, reamers with interchangeable cutting edges, single-edged and multi-edged reamers, reamers interchangeable head systems as well as special designs are explained. With the cutting materials used, the reaming with cermet on steel and cast materials is treated in particular.

Here, too, all problems that can arise when rubbing are discussed and the associated corrective measures are discussed together. It is explained when, in precision boring, reaming has an economic advantage over fine boring. Which surface values ​​can be achieved? Specific processing cases are also presented. The regrinding and reconditioning of the reamers is also discussed. Finally, suitable tool holders are recommended that ensure a high level of concentricity for these tools.

Your benefit:

You create a valuable foundation for yourself.

Duration: 8 hours

Number of participants
at least 5, max. 15 participants

Target group:

- Machine operators CNC machines
- Machine skilled workers, adjusters CNC machines
- AV employees, CNC programmers
- tool purchase
- Employees in the tool presetting  and management
- Metal cutting apprentices

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Manager Engineering

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