Automation - TCM Systems

TCM Systems is your competent partner for questions concerning the automation and optimization of your systems and devices in the laboratory environment and in professional manufacturing environments.With more than 25 years of experience in automation and special machine engineering, we design and construct a solution tailored to your specific needs.With "state of the art" software tools, we develop additional alternative approaches to plan and design the option you have chosen together with you in detail - this is how we create the basis for a professional production of your facility or your product.

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Our Solutions

Automatic optical inspection

Based on a modular system, we select the most suitable components for your production and integrate them individually into your system.

Industry 4.0 Hub

Also for the integration of older systems, our electrical engineers have developed a system to ensure control according to Industry 4.0 standards.

High power transformer

High performance technologies require high-precision and high-performance production environments to deliver maximum performance. For this reason, we have developed special transformer configurations to ensure these conditions where they are needed in the production environment.

Testing Technology

High-tech test and measuring equipment, run-in / burn-in, HV, short-circuit and function tests complete the automation equipment portfolio. All components are selected and configured according to your specifications, taking into account all legal requirements, highest throughputs and maximum availability.