TCM Systems Automation Technology

Tooling construction:

Customized devices and production aids are developed by us, starting from the prototype phase to mass production

Measurement and testing technology:

Through custom inspection devices and functional test systems from TCM Systems, we ensure secure process quality and establish the foundation for continuous process improvements by providing maximum transparency in production quality.

Automation technology:

In the field of automation technology, you receive comprehensive, tailored consultation and support that develops economic and user-friendly solutions, incorporating proven best-practice models.

Plant development:

In the field of production automation, we offer standard and customized solutions for key processes, from special systems to machines. Our experts develop technically feasible solutions and support you from design to plant management, aiming to enhance your productivity.

Your complete provider in the field of automation technology.

TCM Systems is undoubtedly your highly competent and absolutely reliable partner for the comprehensive automation and optimization of your laboratory environment and professional manufacturing facilities. Our impressive achievements and extensive expertise of over 25 years in the field of automation, along with our outstanding track record in special machine construction, make us the leading experts in this field.

We specialize in developing and designing customized solutions tailored to the specific needs of your company. Leveraging state-of-the-art software tools, we create innovative approaches that allow us to plan and design the selected option down to the smallest detail. This comprehensive approach forms a robust foundation for the professional manufacturing of your facilities and products.

In the field of automation technology, we provide our valued customers with individual and comprehensive consulting and support from a single source. If you have a need for advanced automation solutions, do not hesitate to contact us. Our extensive expertise and know-how are at your disposal without limitations.

Our goal is to exceed your expectations and achieve outstanding results together. We are your trusted and highly competent partner on the path to the perfect automation solution.


Do you have automation needs? Get in touch, we will be happy to support you.

Our service portfolio:


Fixture Construction:
Fixtures and production aids are custom-designed, 
engineered, and manufactured by us – from prototype
construction to mass production.

Measurement and Testing Technology:
Secure and stable process quality is the foundation 
for high-quality and efficient product manufacturing.
With custom inspection devices and functional test 
systems developed by TCM Systems, we ensure maximum
transparency of your production quality, providing
the basis for rapid and continuous process improvements.

Automation Technology:
In the field of automation technology, we offer our
customers comprehensive consulting and support, 
tailored precisely to their needs. We develop 
solutions for maximum cost-effectiveness, 
user-friendliness, and ease of maintenance. 
This involves incorporating cross-industry 
best-practice models.


Automation – Plant Development – Plant Upgrades:
In the field of production automation, we are your 
partner for standard and custom solutions. We design 
and build special systems and machines for key processes
such as assembly, weighing, mixing, conveying, handling,
and dosing of liquids, as well as components, modules,
and end products. Our specialists work with you to develop
a technically and economically feasible solution. 
From your requirements, ideas, or wishes, we create 
achievable concepts. Our team is your competent partner 
– from design to plant management and maintenance. 
If your existing facilities and processes require 
increased profitability, our specialists can help. 
By using appropriately optimized software and hardware,
we can identify and analyze weaknesses. 
Our compact solution proposals contribute to your quality
improvement and production maximization. 
TCM – committed to your productivity!

Reference project

TCM Systems Automatic powder dosing machine

TCM Automatic powder dosing machine

Component recognition and selection via optical sensor

Reference project

TCM Systems device testing equipment

Fixture - Test equipment

Assembly / auxiliary equipment for semiconductor, automotive and electronics industry


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