WinTool - Tool Managment Software

The successful solution in tool and data management

Manage your tools and production resources!

WinTool increases your competitiveness

WinTool is the successful solution in tool and data management for the integrated management of tools, equipment, machine programs, processes and master data.

WinTool, a leading CNC  tool management software, simplifies your manufacturing processes, reduces production costs and increases productivity. You benefit from shorter programming and set-up times, reduce stock and tool diversity, and work with organized and integrated manufacturing documentation. Wintool - This is Tool Data Management.

Your advantages through WinTool, Tool Managment Software:

  • Ensure uniform master data
  • Increased machine availability
  • Increased setup efficiency
  • Increased programming efficiency
  • Transparency in production
  • Availability of the tools matched to the production order
  • Integrated CNC system environment
  • Avoidance of unplanned machine downtime
  • Elimination of unproductive work steps
  • Elimination of redundant data
  • Avoidance of tool variety and dead stock
  • Project ROI <1 year
  • These advantages all can be achieved with our Tool Inventory Software Wintool
WinTool - CNC Tool Management Software - setup list from the raw material to the finished component.

The following video shows how Wintool, leading CNC Tool Management Software, works:

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How WinTool works

Order in the production

WinTool is the quickest way to create a high-quality resource library for your business. This is a prerequisite so that planners, programmers, purchasing and machine operators work together efficiently and safely and improve.

True to original tool models

WinTool has developed the leading complete tool generator. In no time at all, a new tool with multiple components is assembled and named with a dimensioned graphic and an exact 3D model is generated. Everything interactive and CAM ready!

CAM Integration

For 20 years, the core competence of WinTool. Exact 3D tools with cutting values can be found directly in the CAM interface and imported into the native environment. In the WinTool, setup lists are automatically created for the operation and all files are archived and released in a controlled manner.

Only correct programs

WinTool manages all associated production data in the network for every CNC operation. Program versions, instructions, set-up lists and CAM files are easily stored and can be retrieved and traced without confusion.

Optimal stocking

Do you want to find out whether a cutting insert is there and how it has been used so far? With WinTool you get complete transparency, because all your CNC data - from the program to the insert - are stored in a relational database and can be evaluated.

Minimal set-up times

Tool standardization and order-specific setup must be organized correctly. With WinTool the complete tool circulation is managed and net lists for machines including availability check are calculated.

Lean resource inventory

Resource requirements and supply are reliably managed with WinTool. Simply and semi-automatically, exact stocks and records of use are monitored and items are made available in the right amount, at the right place and at the right time.

Independent & Integrative

WinTool is the only independent solution provider for tool management and cooperates with all manufacturers of tools, measuring devices, CAM systems, etc. This gives you independence and flexibility over your suppliers.