Technology-oriented Tool Management Level 1-6

Economic added value and sustainability for our customers.

TOOL MANAGEMENT made by TCM International.

TCM's technology-oriented tool management guarantees customers a competitive edge through technology. On the one hand, this advantage results from the interplay of continuous process optimization and the competent support provided by our tool experts and, secondly, from the use of the best tools currently available on the international market. TCM customers benefit from the fact that TCM, as a manufacturer-independent technology partner, is not only always up-to-date with international trends and innovations, but also has access to qualified tool manufacturers whose products, solutions and innovations are available worldwide.

In addition, TCM offers a modular service model with 6 levels. These 6 levels guarantee tool management based on customer requirements, ranging from pure tool procurement to output systems and complete TCM TOOL MANAGEMENT. 

Furthermore, the use of high-quality tools in conjunction with efficient regrinding and a systemically standardized and tool-saving optimization of the tools, ensures that TCM customers enjoy sustainable economic value creation.

Thanks to the TCM TOOL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM, this is possible for us - regardless of the size of the customer.

Tool Management Level 1 - 6


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The integration of TCM guarantees the following customer benefits

  • Tailored solution through TCM tool management analysis
  • Guaranteed, measurable cost savings through unique metrics
  • Less administration - just one contact person
  • Manufacturer independence ensures innovation
  • No capital tied up by storage costs
  • Productivity-oriented business model
  • Stable processes through many years of experience
  • Increasing competitiveness

Tool Management Level 6

As a further development of TOOL MANAGEMENT Level 5, TCM International has developed a new Level 6 for more efficiency and significant productivity gains.

Level 6 includes, in addition to the classic tool cost analysis, also innovative machining concepts that are integrated into the respective business model. Thus, TCM can offer its customers the advantage of reduced tool costs, as well as a predefined degree of productivity increase during the contract period.

A key aspect here is that the extent of higher productivity is several times greater than the savings in tooling costs. The future integration into the SAP Tool Management COCKPIT developed by TCM will enable additional efficient control and optimization of processes in the future.

These long-term and sustainable optimizations guarantee TCM customers an improved competitiveness and thus make a significant contribution to economic success.

Level 6 of the TCM Tool Management System also offers

Guaranteed savings

Long-term increase in productivity

Objektively measurable results

Increase in the competitiveness of our customers