Research and Development

Scientific knowledge due to ongoing implementation of practical tests. Optimization through research, development and innovation.

The AEC (Application Engineering Center) is a user-oriented research and development center for the machining industry located in Stainz as a facility of the TEZ (Technology and Development Center) which also houses TCM's headquarters. Here, in close cooperation with external research institutions, universities and partner companies, innovative solutions and machining methods for machining processes for TCM customers are developed.

CAM software is a digital building block in the manufacturing process

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Maximum benefit

The scientific findings are applied in practical tests, continuously optimized and innovated, so they can be reliably used in TCM's TOOL MANAGEMENT processes. Especially in the Tool Management Level 6, these innovations provide maximum benefits for TCM customers.

University. Prof. Dr. Franz Haas in the CNC production of the TCM Academy

© Lunghammer - TU Graz

Graz University of Technology and TCM have been working together for a long time. With my appointment as head of the Institute for Manufacturing Technology (IFT) in autumn 2013 and the appointment of Prof. Rudolf Pichler in 2015 to the same institute as head of smartfactory @ tugraz, the cooperation has intensified in several respects. TCM is a partner of research projects in the areas of machining and tools and supports the professorship "Materials and Manufacturing in Aerospace", which has been held by Prof. Sergio Amancio since 2018. We are also the co-financing organization of smartfactory @ tugraz. In addition, TCM is involved in the "Products and Production for the Future" competence center, Pro2Future.TCM is an international leader in machining technology and tool management, but has recognized the signs of the times and is increasingly focusing on the megatrend of "digitalization" and is active in the area of "Process optimization" along the entire value chain of the products. The outstanding advantage of the cutting technology is the high precision that is being demanded more than ever in all branches of industry. I am firmly convinced that a high "Precision Level" in all areas of a company is the central factor for economic success and sustainable existence. This is the foundation for our mission, which I have already formulated in my inaugural lecture and which has also characterized the success of our cooperation over the last few years. "Precision secures our future." Thank you for the cooperation we have achieved through friendship in the interests of our youth.

Prof. Dr. Franz Haas

Prof. Sihn, Frauenhofer Institute, supported TCM in the selection of a suitable ERP system.

© FhA_Mikes

The Fraunhofer Institute and TCM International are united in a successful cooperation that has lasted for decades and which has since developed into a friendly relationship. TCM has placed its trust in Fraunhofer in the most diverse development phases, whether in the selection of an ERP system for the entire group or for special tasks, such as the development of a unique grinding concept which was then able to be sold to a renowned, international group. We at Fraunhofer are proud to have accompanied the TCM development path from toolmaker through tool management in all its many forms, through to its unique position as a technology partner in the manufacturing industry. It was a great honor to me personally that I was able to help shape the TCM Strategy Process 2018 - the path to digital transformation, as one of the external experts in Industry 4.0. From my point of view, TCM is optimally prepared in order to provide customers with the decisive competitive advantage in the future.

Univ Prof. Dr.-Ing. DI Prof. e.h. Dr. h.c. Wilfried Sihn,
GF Fraunhofer Austria