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More than 25 years in business make a clear statement: TCM offers you extensive experience in the regrinding of cutting tools of the most diverse tool groups.

The high-precision and repeated regrinding of all cutting tools in tool management was one of the most important factors in reducing tool costs for TCM right from the start. For this purpose, TCM operates several grinding centers worldwide, equipped with state-of-the-art 5-axis CNC grinding machines and last-generation tool measuring equipment. In this way, we can permanently guarantee our customers an absolutely consistent quality in production.

Reduction of tool costs with TCM

Reduction of tool costs through repeated regrinding of a solid carbide drill.

Constructing, grinding, coating of special tools

TCM designs, grinds and continuously coats special tools to increase our customers' productivity. Using Cybergrinding technology, tools can be displayed and optimized on the computer immediately after programming. Many of these tools are developed, tested and optimized in combination with TCM design, TCM grinding center and AEC machining lab in-house until they are ready for series production.

The re-sharpening of the tools is carried out according to the original re-grinding instructions of the manufacturers or according to TCM re-grinding instructions, which are prepared by the respective TCM tool experts. As a result, we guarantee the same service life and processing results using the current cutting values compared to new tools.

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Cool Grind – patented grinding wheel technology by TCM

TCM was instrumental in the development of internally cooled grinding wheels (patented Cool Grind system). These novel grinding wheels reduce the grinding temperature and also lead to a significant improvement of the ground surfaces. As a result of this and the ongoing improvement in grinding wheel technology, our grinding experts can always reproduce optimal cutting-edge quality.

TCM played a key role in the development of internally cooled grinding wheels (patented Cool Grind system).

TCM also invested in the important area of rounding and deburring of tool cutting edges. These processes are carried out after grinding the tools and significantly influence the service life in the process. In the final, individually coordinated re-coating of the tools, TCM works in close cooperation with the market leaders in this field.

It should also be mentioned that gear cutting and broaching tools are just as much a part of the TCM regrinding portfolio as the remanufacturing of diamond tools.

Gear cutting and broaching tools are also part of the TCM regrinding portfolio.

Grinding Centers

TCM International maintains service centers in the following countries. In addition to TCM Tool Managements, these service centers also supply external customers with cutting tools, services and consulting in all areas of cutting technology and process optimization. 

> Austria
> Germany
> Luxembourg
> Hungary
> Poland
> China


As part of TCM's decades of grinding experience, the "rox" grinding concept was developed and turned into reality at TCM's own grinding plant in Georgsberg near Stainz.

In 2013, "rox", including the local grinding shop, was sold to Oerlikon Balzers, which operates the site as an international "rox" training center. Precision tool grinding technicians from around the world are trained in the Technology Center to become "rox" team members.