PKD-Werkzeuge - CNC Kurs & Ausbildung

Module 11 - CNC course & training

PCD tools (PCD polycrystalline diamond)

What is polycrystalline diamond, what are the advantages of this cutting material, what for and under what conditions can it be used? How are PCD tools manufactured?
The use of modern laser technology for the final processing of PCD cutting edges and the production of laser-cut chip breakers is shown.
Turning with polycrystalline diamond, PCD end mills, PCD drills, PCD countersinks for fine machining of bores and PCD face milling cutters are presented in their structure and for the respective area of ​​application.
When can you machine economically with PCD? How does the practical use of PCD tools work from handling to optimized work values? Which cutting values ​​can be realized? What service lives are possible and what surface values ​​can be achieved with PCD tools? Practical examples serve for a better understanding of the PCD machining strategies. The many options for regrinding and reconditioning the often expensive PCD tools are also discussed.

Your benefit:

You create a valuable foundation for yourself.

Duration: 8 hours

Number of participants
at least 5, max. 15 participants

Target group:

- Machine operators CNC machines
- Machine skilled workers, adjusters CNC machines
- AV employees, CNC programmers
- tool purchase
- Employees in the tool presetting  and management
- Metal cutting apprentices

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