The CNC experts impart the basics of machining.

Module 1 - CNC course & training

Basics of machining

Basic knowledge of ferrous and non-ferrous materials including the heat treatment and structure formation of metallic materials is imparted. The structure of the material designations is also explained.
The angles and force relationships at the cutting edge are described. Building on this, chip formation, chip formation problems, temperature development on the cutting edge and the resulting wear are explained with the corresponding countermeasures.
An overview of manufacturing processes is given to get in the mood for the modules that build on it. As one of the most important chapters in terms of tool training, the wear mechanisms on the tool cutting edge are explained
different types of wear trained and the definition of the types of wear practiced on practical samples. Finally, the most favorable cutting geometry is assigned to the most frequently used materials, based on theoretical knowledge and practical experience.

Your benefit:

You create a valuable foundation for yourself.

Duration: 8 hours

Number of participants
at least 5, max. 15 participants

Target group:

- Machine operators CNC machines
- Machine skilled workers, adjusters CNC machines
- AV employees, CNC programmers
- tool purchase
- Employees in the tool presetting  and management
- Metal cutting apprentices

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