Workshop Trochoidal milling

Workshop Trochoidal milling

Experts from TCM company met for a workshop within the nearby laboratory of TCM company.

On the 6th of April tool producing company HAM, programming specialist BARHO ECS and technical experts from TCM company met for a workshop within the nearby laboratory (Application Engineering Center) of TCM company.

The main reason for this special session was to present and understand the possibilities of the new trochoidal milling strategy. This was done in combination with special designed tools of HAM company and realized by a live demonstration on a Hermle machining center.

Furthermore company BARHO ECS, specialist in programming, demonstrates the possiblities oft a special CAM-software module called i-machining.

Basically trochoidal milling technology means very fast material removal during machining process by using maximum volume of metal removed by cutting.

Overall advantages of trochoidal milling are :

  •     High metal removal rates
  •     Usage of complete cutting length of tool
  •     Increased tool life time
  •     Resulting significant reduction in machining time

Live demonstration of 2D and 3D-trochoidal milling process was done on selected material (different kinds of steel) and appropriate component parts. Additionally all participants were briefed over all possiblities within the special CAM-software module i-machining.

For particular interest was the proper selection auf solid carbide milling cutters, especially designed for this kind of machining. All tools were used in combination with adequate cutting parameters and fully adopted to the different machining steps within i-machining.

To ensure a fully stable process solution TCM and its partners informed about the influence of work piece clamping, tool holders and machinery requirements. Finally all participants were convinced, that TCM is ready to offer “turn key solution processes” for trochoidal milling.