TCM internal training program with international participation

The TCM tool experts work round the clock for our machining customers to optimize machining processes, develop new special tools, and bring productivity benefits to customers.

In order to be able to cope with these high demands, permanent further education in the field of tool technology is indispensable.

To this end, in mid-September a 2-week training seminar will be held in TCM HQ in Stainz and attended by TCM tool experts from Germany, Austria, France, Poland, China and the Czech Republic.

Special training topics such as turning, drilling, milling, threading, modern cutting tools, modern tool holders and high tech PCD diamond tools are on the agenda, as well as ongoing practical demonstrations on our Hermle machining center in our own AEC machining center.

TCM customers will also participate in this 2-week intensive technical training.

These are all specialists from work preparation and programming.


The main goals of the annual TCM Education training courses are:

  • Update and information regarding new cutting materials on the market

  • Intensive training tool technology and correct application of the cutting tools

  • Information about new machining strategies (such as eg trochoidal milling)

  • Best training of TCM tool experts for working in TCM tool management

  • Wear detection on the cutting edge and optimum utilization of the cutting materials

  • Reuse of tools through optimal regrinding

  • Live demonstration of the tools on the machine between the training blocks

  • Joint assembly and adjustment of the tool

  • Selection and calculation of the appropriate cutting data

  • Optimization of chip breaking

  • Proper use of tool cooling systems and cooling media


permanent further education in the field of tool technology