The power is in the cutting edge! – Part 1

Oswald Scheibenbauer,

By applying the most powerful technologies, TCM guarantees the most efficient production options! You can often only increase your productivity in the machining process by using multi-edged precision cutting tools!

Initial situation:

The technical requirements for manufacturing companies are growing rapidly. The advancement of the digital age requires rapid adaptability and continuous product innovations. Efficient machining strategies and clever mindsets are essential when optimizing machining processes with high-performance tools and modern cutting materials
Increasing the cutting speed is always associated with an increase in the temperature in the cutting area. As a result, even modern carbide grades, as well as cutting ceramics or high-strength cutting materials such as CBN and PCD / CVD diamond, quickly reach their performance limits when machining stainless steels (CrNi), nickel-based alloys (Inconel) or titanium alloys.
The time saved is relatively small, while tool and tool change costs rise significantly. The risk of premature tool breakage also increases.

Solution strategies:

In order to reduce the machining time of a component, the TCM machining technicians generally have 4 options available:

•    Increase the cutting speed vc
•    Increase the machining feed fu or vf
•    Change the machining strategy
•    Combination of several processing steps in a single tool

By changing the machining strategy, valuable production time can be saved. This means employing processes such as high feed milling (HFM), trochoidal milling (TPM) or also high feed turning (HFT) and deep hole drilling with spiralled solid carbide drills. Furthermore, bores and pockets can be milled into the solid material using milling tools, thus generally completely replacing drilling tools .
Also new are drilling thread milling cutters which drill the core hole into the solid material and, after a short withdrawal of the tool in the hole, produce the thread using circular milling.

These optimizations require the knowledge and experience of the TCM machining technician and the skills of the customer’s CNC programmer. Permanent, close cooperation present in all TCM tool management projects, ensures long-term success.

Oswald Scheibenbauer Manager Engineering

With more than 40 years of broad cutting experience, TCM is an attractive technology partner.

Solid carbide thread milling cutters with PCD profile inserts for contour countersinking