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How you can reduce your production costs with Tool Management from TCM!

Technology-oriented and manufacturer-independent tool management guarantees our customers long-term target-oriented tool optimization in order to sustainably reduce or save investments in machine tools in the medium term. True to our motto “Precision at Work”, we want to live this vision of ours in daily dialogue and action with our customers and lead it to mutual success.

The technical demands on companies are increasing day by day. We at TCM International - Tool Consulting & Management support you by means of tool management to meet this challenge. By using the most powerful tools and technologies, TCM is a guarantee for the most efficient production options. That is what we mean by Cutting Edge Productivity - because this is where you earn your money - now and in the future.

We have different products and solutions that we communicate together to point out the interconnectedness of our offerings.

TCM Austria - tool trade

TCM is the first point of contact for tool supply

Tool reconditioning

Tools reconditioning, repairing, grinding, coating

TCM Systems - Automation

TCM Systems is your competent partner for questions of automation and optimization of your plants and devices in the laboratory environment and in professional manufacturing environments.

Wintool tool and data management

Tool management software

Toolbase tool output systems

"A tool assortment organized by Toolbase® and a secured output are the basics of every economic production.

Tooltracer Master Data Management

Master Data Management Tool

What are the benefits of tool management?

Technology-oriented tool management for your production.

Differentiated by tool management analysis

TCM Tool Management Analysis Team.

SAP Tool Management Cockpit

All relevant information transparently at a glance - integrated into existing SAP systems - for optimal control of tool management processes

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Everything we do has to make our customers even more competitive. This mission is the driver to face changing conditions - Internet of Things and Industry 4.0. In order to remain competitive in the future and to maintain or expand our market position, we are working intensively on the TCM strategy.

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