SAP Tool Management Cockpit

TCM International, as the world leader in Tool Management, has developed a forward-looking product together with SAP: the SAP Tool Management COCKPIT, which shows all information to the Tool Manager on just a few masks.

The Cocpit provides all essential data to ensure optimal control in terms of costs, consumption, supplied production volumes, stock levels, plan / actual analyses, etc. in a transparent and user-friendly manner.

Full integration into the SAP world

The SAP Tool Management COCKPIT is based on the SAP standard modules of Materials Management, Controlling and Financial Accounting and is thus fully integrated into the SAP world: tools procurement or reprocessing, daily, weekly and monthly reports, top 10 consumption, tool tests etc. The Tool Manager can do this directly via the SAP Tool Management COCKPIT.

How the SAP Tool Management Cockpit works

The SAP Tool Management Cockpit provides all essential data transparently.

Your Benefits

  • Compact customized information presentation
  • Easy booking on just a few SAP masks
  • Warehouse controlling at a glance
  • Rapid creation of reports
  • Integration into existing SAP sub-systems
  • Fast evaluation of the "Important 6"
  • Daily cost knowledge per product
  • One-time, consistent master data management


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Cost overview with the SAP Tool Management Cockpit

Customized display of information through the SAP Tool Management Cockpit.