Education Center

Knowledge to the point worldwide. Training and knowledge transfer in the TCM Education Center.

The employees of TCM and our customers are a central strength and contribute significantly to the success of the company. The continuous education and training is very important. The TCM Education Center offers a 12-module training program. Here, experts impart knowledge about machining, machine tools, tool holders, modern cutting materials, coatings, threading, turning, milling, drilling and grinding processes as well as diamond tools of the highest precision. The Education Center thus supports the individual personnel development of our TCM Tool experts and the employees of our customers in production.

Benefits of the Education Center

  • Worldwide training at TCM or in-house with the customer
  • Practical training with demonstrations on the machine
  • Workshops in group work for joint development of special machining tasks
  • Continuous training of our TCM Tool experts as well as selected customer employees
  • Focus on technology orientation without manufacturer preferences
  • Emphasis on the machining process

Are you interested in a training at the TCM Education Center? Get in touch, we are happy to assist you.

12 Modules of the TCM Training Program

Module 1

Machining basic knowledge

Module 2

Machine tools

Module 3

Tool holders

Module 4

Cutting materials

Module 5


Module 6


Module 7


Module 8


Module 9

Production of internal threads

Module 10


Module 11

PCD tools

Module 12