technology-orientated Tool Management

Sustainable economic value creation for our customers. Tool Management made by TCM International.
As a manufacturer-independent technology partner, TCM International guarantees its customers a technical edge in technology-orientated TOOL MANAGEMENT. Through the continuous optimization of processes and the support of our Tool Experts, the implementation of the highest quality tools from the international marketplace and a systemically standardized and tool-saving optimization of tools, we create added economic value and sustainability for our customers. The optimized acquisition of high-quality tools is a significant component of technology-orientated Tool Management – TCM maintains a constant overview of the world’s qualified tool producers and has the best access to their products, solutions and innovations.
Through the TCM TOOL MANAGMENT SYSTEM – independent of the size of the customer – it is possible for us to always provide the optimal concept to save costs and increase productivity using Tool Management Level 6.
The integration of the Tool Management System from TCM International guarantees:

• Technological optimizations while maintaining stable processes
• Increase in productivity
• With simultaneous minimization of resources
• Supported by reliable controlling
• Reporting
• Guaranteed reduction in the costs per finished component



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